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The soul is the spiritual part of humans regarded in its moral aspect, it does survive death and moves-on to a life that is yet to come. Out of the many, here are a few scriptures to read... "John 14:1-3" and also read "2 Corinthians 5:6-8" and "Psalm 27:13-14." Our emotions can be used to produce various types of music, expressing how we’re feeling at the time. Music is often overlooked as a therapeutic intervention: singing, listening, and creating music of many kinds can provide an immediate biological and psychological benefit for most people. In fact, music can be an escape or an antidote to most psychological challenges. Simply listening to music that’s inspiring, can become a distraction from emotional upset. Losing yourself in the right music is an immediate, unconscious and effortless way to reframe your situation. You can swiftly defeat the black and white way of thinking, that is leading you to increase the magnitude of certain thoughts or even trauma issues.

So you might say that through music, we are motivated by how our heart and soul respond to what we hear. This can stir up a number of emotions, effecting us deep within the regions of our soul. Many of us go through life with memories of the music we used to listen to. That which we were so accustomed to hearing and we so easily were able to relate to. It even brought a sense of inner healing, removing those things that we unconsciously carried around with us on a daily basis. I hope that what music you listen to that I've created, will be uplifting and inspiring to you.

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