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I started playing guitar in the early 60's and was influenced by a number of great guitarists. I was able to see them play in their own bands, or together with other famous artists. Only to mention a few... Jimi Hendrix, Harvey Mandel, George Benson (I saw each, Jimi, Harvey and George Benson several times) Eric Clapton/Cream, Carlos Santana, The Allman Brothers and the list goes on. Jimi Hendrix, Harvey Mandel, Albert King, Freddy King and Mike Bloomfield—all, were influential and have had a lasting effect on me to this day. In talking with Harvey Mandel on occasion, I remember how giving of his time and how personable he was toward me and how he was never concerned with what time it was or feeling the need to end our conversation. I once jammed with Boz Scaggs and Buddy Miles was there. What an experience and so much more could be said about those times.

I put together many bands in the 60's and 70's which were quite successful in producing a nice sound. We played in a lot of places in the S.F. Bay Area and as far North as Nevada. To make a long story short... it wasn’t until the Lord got His hands on me, that I became a part of/and eventually ended up overseeing a church band in the 80's - 1991. Since then, I've had the pleasure of leading worship in a few other churches as well. It’s nice to see the different directions in which God takes me in my music. I’ve always enjoyed whatever arena He’s allowed me to be in.

Currently, I am working on a compilation of different styles of music which will touch the lives of those who are in need of being ministered to in certain areas of their lives. We all have our challenges and music is able to reach those-sometimes neglected areas, that from time to time may slip through the cracks.

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